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with Ben Meerwein
Performance/ Installation
A construction site that shows an upheaval that is situated between chaos and order.
The human urge to categorise and archive is practised in the midst of a material desert and brought to decisions. Objects and environments are created performatively in the midst of the recipients. The stage is the installation, the installation is the stage. Something is built up, something else is dismantled. A fragile process of creation.
The transformation of material, body and space, including all traces, errors, imperfections and uncertainties, expresses itself as a collective, ephemeral painting and concert. A construct that symbolically stands not only for the world and society built by "us", which is necessarily changeable and porous, but also a reference to the importance of being generally involved and active in it.
The physical intensity and effort that is supposed to accompany our performance is closely related to the idea of a ritual "washing clean" or "healing" of the spirit through physical effort.
In Beuys' words, art has the potential to heal society. Natural materials such as water, clay, sand, metal, earth, plaster, coal, etc. allude to motifs of alchemy, ceremony and creation mythology.
At the same time, materials such as cement and polystyrene sheets counteract this messianic aspect and give the impression of a conventional construction site. Here, too, production and destruction are closely intertwined.

State III & IV, Leipzig, 04/22

State I&II, Leipzig, 07/21