Spaziergang im See
Sound Performance
A look, a gesture, a sound - a flow of improvisation in the physical space of a jam session. Instant composition through intuition and sensitivity. Tracing these factors remotely and exploring alternatives to conventional composition and collaboration methods through a digital sound dialogue formed the origin of the project by Jannis Kullik and Leon Billerbeck.
Months of „weTransfer jamming“ followed. Instead of eye contact, a link. Data streams like fresh air that set everything vibrating. Immaterial bytes flowed alternately through the internet and bodies into eardrums. The thought of the decay of these uniquely generated links - „originals“, in other words - seems like a paradox to the ephemeral banality we have been willing to ascribe to them up to now. In the process of exchange, a tense symbolism of these codes crystallised for the artists, which consequently even developed into an intimate method of communication that now put calm and patience in place of volatility. Thus, within the performance, they find an intensely physical, even spiritual materiality of hair, coal, turmeric, tea and oils. Following on from this sound and thought experiment, the sound performance presents itself not only as a mere result but much more as an essay of ambiguities. From streams of thoughts, field recordings, passages from selected writings and performative as well as musical gestures, a conglomerate of vague scores of a questioning nature emerges, which not least surprises the artists themselves.

The performance took place at the State of the Art performance festival 2020 in Hildesheim.