Sound Installation
In constant movement, we sink
in the foam of never ending tides, 
like drowning in the waves, 
like floating, again and again, 

in the same stream.

A pulsating feedback
that won’t let us escape, 
and that will follow us
as we follow it ourselves.

We find no silence in the rolling rips,
we just drown.

The interactive sound installation consists of four speakers positioned in the middle of the room, facing outwards to the walls. Throughout the room, circled around the speakers, 6 glasses with different amounts of water are placed on sockets, mirroring the continuous tide movement of the ocean as well as the source of the sounds. As a maximum of two people enter the installation, a generative 4-channel sound composition is played. With a webcam installed above, the movement of the visitors is interfering with different flexible parameters of the sound, reacting to the degree of movement. The sound will therefore be experienced fully only if the visitors keep moving within the installation. This way a constant dynamic of sound and physical interaction is established. All of the sounds of the composition are originating from field recordings of waves around Porto, speaking as a metaphor for the infinite repetetive movements within our society, and the constant flow within ourselves, not exluding the potential for disruption.